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What services do you provide?

We provide any type of clean to new residential homes during construction, and after. For more details on what type of services we provide, click here.



What are the usual turnaround times for a service?

We can provide service as soon as the same day, sometimes within the hour. We are known for providing fast and reliable service.



What is your typical clientele?

98% of our clientele comes from large home building companies. We work with top builders in the country and they always prefer our work. We are proud to serve companies willing to expand the community.



How many homes can your company clean in a day?

We are fully equipped with a professional team that as a whole, is capable of cleaning up to 50-75 homes in just one day. Our motto is a fast yet high standard quality clean, every single time. Or else the property is not considered clean.



What is your current coverage?

We currently have 4 full subdivisions under construction in which we clean daily. Each subdivision contains hundreds if not thousands of homes. Our other neighborhoods as listed on our Where We Are page have been completely sold out, closed, or completed. We expect to be one of the largest residential construction cleaning business in South Texas by 2022.



What charitable contributions does this company provide?

Velocity Cleaning contributes to a variety of charities and organizations across the country. We support our veterans and those who have served our country. They allow us to maintain the opportunity to grow and expand within the United States side by side with the nation's largest home builders. We will continue to find new ways to help our country's military one home at a time.



Are you guys hiring?

We are always hiring for motivated and professional cleaners to join our team. Click here to submit and application.

17806 Interstate 10 Ste 300

San Antonio, TX 78257



M-F:  7:00am - 5:00pm

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